Aérodrome d'Useldange

Cercle Luxembourgeois de vol à voile (CLVV)

Aérodrome d’Useldange (ELUS)

Um Fluchfeld


Afin de faciliter la coordination avec les services du bureau de contrôle d’approche de Luxembourg, deux secteurs de l’espace aérien (USELDANGE GLIDER SECTOR NORTH et USELDANGE GLIDER SECTOR SOUTH) sont créés dans lesquels l’évolution des planeurs est soumise aux conditions spécifiques


During activation of the Glider sector(s) by Useldange Radio, the concerned sectors remain classified as “D” airspace including mandatory transponder carriage.


Gliders and Motorgliders based at Useldange aerodrome operating below 5000’ are exempted from the mandatory transponder carriage and shall maintain a continuous two way listening watch with Useldange Radio (129.975 Mhz).

During activation of the sector(s), no IFR traffic will be cleared into the activated sector(s) and the N852 AWY is not available between DIK and the Belgian-Luxembourg Border within the activated levels.

All other (non Useldange airfield based) VFR traffic about to enter the active sector(s) provided with Flight Information Service by ELLX/APP will be informed that they are entering an active glider sector.

  • No specific traffic information in respect of individual gliders flights will be provided within the sector(s) (Published in AIP).
  • Gliders operating within the sector(s) will not be provided with traffic information concerning mutual glider or other VFR traffic.
  • VFR traffic at speeds exceeding 150kts will be advised by ATC to avoid the sector(s) if at all possible.


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L’Utilisation des “Glider Sectors” est soumise à une formation spécifique validée par l’Administration de la Navigation Aérienne