Some calculation examples below::

Gliding is an aerial sport that is affordable to everyone. Given the participation of all members in the operation of the aerodrome and the activities related to gliding, the flight prices remain relatively modest. Because the instructors are volunteers, you are only charged for the flight costs and the annual fee.



Flight on Motorglider Super Dimona 60min (Discovery Gliding) with instructor 110€
5-minute instruction flight on ASK21 doubleseater with instructor (aerodrome circuit, take-off included) 12€
Longer instruction flight (1h) on ASK21 doubleseater with instructor (take-off included) 50€
Solo training flight (1 h) on single-seater (e.g. LS4b) 40€

Solo training flight in aerodrome circuit (20 min) on single-seater (e.g. LS4b)



Fee indication up to 1. solo

Annual fee € 350

60 instruction flights in the aerodorme circuit 720 €

4 extended instruction flights 200 €

Single entry fee350 €

Total: € 1,620

Indication of fees to be calculated from year 2 

Annual fee (membership) 350€
5 instructin flights on ASK21 (Take-off & 1h of flightl) 250€
25 training flights on singleseater (Circuits 20min) 450€
10 longer training flights on singleseater (1h) 400€
5 longer training flights on singleseater (2h) 400€


1.850€ (*)

(*) for a total of 45 flights and 33 hours of flight