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Learn to fly on demanding and environmentally friendly aircraft: gliders.


Fly without an engine for hours, coverl great distances or fly for pleasure around your aerodrome, over the Alp glaciers or in the Great Plains of Eastern Europe.


Nature is the engine. It gives us the necessary energy, thanks to the thermal ascendances. In order to achieve such flights, we need solid flight experience and of course the glider pilot's license. The related courses are provided by the National Gliding School in Useldange.


CLVV has a complete infrastructure at your disposal and is happy to welcome you as an active member of our Gliding Club. Your dream of flying can come true.



CLVV training is conducted in accordance with:

of 3 November 2011 laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council



  • No minimum age to start training; Minimum age for first solo flight: 14 years
  • Good general condition; a medical certificate is required only for the first solo flight
  • Budget...: roughly, you should expect, from the first flight with monitor until you get your glider pilot license, a budget of about € 3,500 spread over 2 years.



Many people are fascinated by gliders flying like birds. While knowing that obtaining a glider pilot license is linked to an intensive training, the interested would like to discover this experience without necessarily beeing charged immediately on all the administrative and financial steps.



To do this, the Luxemburg Circle of Gliding offers the opportunity to learn the practical training by participating for a whole day in club activities. This implies that you will be considered as student pilot with all the rights and obligations of a member.


Read more: The first step: 1day trial course at the CLVV

- Membership application

After your introductory course, if you decide to start your pilot training, the next step is to complete the formulaire d'adhésion au CLVV. The CLVV will confirm your membership as soon as possible.




- The medical check

The law requires that prior to the first solo flight (after +/- 15 to 20 training days), every glider student pilot must carry a medical certificate that can be issued by a  approved medical doctor .

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1178/2011AMC1 FCL.110.S; FCL.210.S - Annex to ED Decision 2011/016/R: Before being accepted for training an applicant should be informed that the appropriate medical certificate must be obtained before solo flying is permitted.

 List of approved medical doctors


and, of course ...

- Payment of contributions

Admission will be valid only after transfer of the amount of 1250 € which includes :

  • Annual fee 400€ (Membership)
  • Fixed amount 500 € on pilot's account to charge flight expenses) (*)
  • unique CLVV entry fee 350€ (inclidung the training kit)


CLVV Bank accounts:

 CCPL LU52 1111 0145 6111 0000   &   CCRA LU16 0090 0000 0995 5600


While it is true that summer is the best time for gliding, the actual training can be done at any time of the year as long as the weather permits. Via the Internet, the student pilot is informed about the training days.

Instruction is done on a double-seater glider ASK 21 type until the first solo. An average of 60 to 80 flights (most aerodorme circuit flights) is required until the the student pilot is released for his first solo flight. Then the training continues on single-seater, but always under the supervision of the monitor.

Then follow the practical exam which is the completion of the glider pilot instruction, two or three years after your first flight with instructor.

The theoretical instruction accompanies the practical training.

It is done in parallel with the first instruction flights on the initiative of the student based on the french nanual ‘Manuel du Pilote de Vol à Voile’ édited by the frensh Ministry of transport and the Private pilots manual "Manuel du Pilote Privé (partie réglementation et espaces aériens) 

Pursuant english documentation and manuals can be recommended by the CLVV on request

Instructors are available for support or any other questions. After about two years and 40 hours of flight experience, the student pilot will take the theoretical test.

Before the theoretical exams, the club organizes (on request of the students, courses concerning the regulation, the radiotelephony etc).

After passing the theoretical (and practical) exam, normally 2 years after the start of the training, the candidate will hold the glider pilot license and will be able to fly on own responabiity and acquire further ratings, such as motorglider qualification and flying (nnon commercial) with passengers.



Liste des Centres Aéromédicaux (AeMC) COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1178/2011AMC1 FCL.110.S; FCL.210.S - Annex to ED Decision 2011/016/R:

Read more: List of approved doctors

Some calculation examples below::

Gliding is an aerial sport that is affordable to everyone. Given the participation of all members in the operation of the aerodrome and the activities related to gliding, the flight prices remain relatively modest. Because the instructors are volunteers, you are only charged for the flight costs and the annual fee.



Flight on Motorglider Super Dimona 60min (Discovery Gliding) with instructor 110€
5-minute instruction flight on ASK21 doubleseater with instructor (aerodrome circuit, take-off included) 12€
Longer instruction flight (1h) on ASK21 doubleseater with instructor (take-off included) 50€
Solo training flight (1 h) on single-seater (e.g. LS4b) 40€

Solo training flight in aerodrome circuit (20 min) on single-seater (e.g. LS4b)

Read more: Estimated costs

for the flight training:

- no minimum age to start training

- Minimum age for the first solo flight: 14 years (& medical certificate) 


for obtaining the license:

- Minimum age: 16 years

- have completed at least 10 hours of dual flight instruction

- have completed at least 2 hours solo (alone on board) under instructor supervision

- have made at least 45 take-offs (and landings)

- have flown a cross-country flight (solo) of at least 50 km

- have passed the theoretical and practical tests.

After your trial course , if you are determined to start your flight training, please complete the following form. The CLVV will confirm your membership as soon as possible.

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