The theoretical instruction accompanies the practical training.

It is done in parallel with the first instruction flights on the initiative of the student based on the french nanual ‘Manuel du Pilote de Vol à Voile’ édited by the frensh Ministry of transport and the Private pilots manual "Manuel du Pilote Privé (partie réglementation et espaces aériens) 

Pursuant english documentation and manuals can be recommended by the CLVV on request

Instructors are available for support or any other questions. After about two years and 40 hours of flight experience, the student pilot will take the theoretical test.

Before the theoretical exams, the club organizes (on request of the students, courses concerning the regulation, the radiotelephony etc).

After passing the theoretical (and practical) exam, normally 2 years after the start of the training, the candidate will hold the glider pilot license and will be able to fly on own responabiity and acquire further ratings, such as motorglider qualification and flying (nnon commercial) with passengers.