Many people are fascinated by gliders flying like birds. While knowing that obtaining a glider pilot license is linked to an intensive training, the interested would like to discover this experience without necessarily beeing charged immediately on all the administrative and financial steps.



To do this, the Luxemburg Circle of Gliding offers the opportunity to learn the practical training by participating for a whole day in club activities. This implies that you will be considered as student pilot with all the rights and obligations of a member.


After making an appointment (this is necessary to guarantee the optimim coaching), you will participate in club activities from 10 am to take out the gliders, prepare the runway and prepare the winch used to launch the gliders.

The idiea is that you fly, if possible, up to an hour to become familiar with the glider controls. It is not a matter of being "chauffeured" by the instructor but of taking control yourself.


Subsequently, you will continue to discover the technique of takeoff and landing by making 3-4 flights of shorter duration.

In the evening, you will help, like all the other pilots, to clean the gliders and re-hangar the equipment for the night. The day ends between 19:00 and 20:00.

By doing so, you will have the opportunity to discover the first flight impressions and, at the same time, the club spirit and verve.


This course obviously has a price! By paying the sum of € 250.- all the expenses of this day are covered. If you are "hooked" by this fascinating sport and you decide to join our gliding community, this sum of € 250.- will be credited to your pilot's account and the flights you have made as part of the trial course will be charged retroactively to the price and terms of club members.


To make an appointment (at the latest the day before), please contact  Marc BOSSELER (-621 211 757-) or Alex KRIEGER (-691 268 135-).


We look forward to seeing you soon on the Useldange airfield.